Ask almost any business owner, and they’ll agree that in terms of ensuring the longevity of their organization, there’s literally nothing more important than promoting the products and services they provide, as well as the business name, logo, and brand that represent them. Here’s why we think you should order some custom printed shirts.


Printed Clothing is Inexpensive Advertizing

Billboards, TV ads, radio spots… These are all effective methods of getting your name out there. But they’re all very expensive, especially when purchased on a continual basis.

T-shirts on the other hand, can be had for as low as $5 or $6!

Your Money Continues to Work for You

Consider that most advertising dollars spent are on time-limited runs.

When you hand out shirts to employees, customers, or just the general public, you never know how many times that garment will be worn over time, or where, or by who!

They’re a Win-Win Promotional Item

Not only will people appreciate you and your organization for giving them something free, they’ll also be hitting the streets, flashing your name and message around at no further cost to  you!

Even if a person just wears your brand around the yard, you’re still getting to more eyeballs than you would have otherwise, and are staying in people’s consciousness!

The Messaging is Flexible

Given the low cost and fully, quickly customizable nature of shirt printing, your limitations are very minimal.

Already ordered shirts for your crew, but now wish you had something for an upcoming event? Just place another order! Most projects are not draining monetarily, or in terms of time; and most small design/messaging changes are a snap!

It’s Fun to Have Your Own Shirts

Let’s be honest. Think about cracking open a box of your very own custom designed t-shirts with your brand and messaging on them.  That’s fun! It’s exciting to put something on that shows off what you have to offer the world!