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Names and Numbers for your Team!

Do you need some custom team apparel? All that's needed from you is a list of player names and numbers, and I can style your player customizing however you like! Average number size is 8" tall, and average name size is 2.5" tall. But there's no need to be average if it doesn't suit you; [...]

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Rocket Science Website Updates for 2015 Finally Completed!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since we've had any news updates, so here-finally-is the 1st of 2015! It's been hard to squeeze into the schedule, but updates to the Rocket Science Website have been completed!   Among the changes and new additions you'll see: -An updated menu system -Increased options and upgraded looks to our print [...]

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Rocket Science Prints Hats Now!

Just about every screen printing company starts off doing t-shirts, and only t-shirts. They're the most straight-forward thing to print. But almost every different thing you want to print on requires a different printing supply, or piece of equipment, or technique. We'll get into the endless complications of each silkscreen process in another post. For now, [...]

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Eco Friendly Printing, or “What’s a Phthalate”?

Whenever we humans create/manufacture something, the sound-minded of us wish to do so with as few environmental/health impacts as possible. At Rocket Science sometimes the use of synthetic materials is unavoidable. However, whenever possible, we prefer to print on-and encourage the use of-100% cotton t shirts,  sweat shirts, and other garments. We're also pleased to know that [...]

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Printed T-Shirts

Ask almost any business owner, and they'll agree that in terms of ensuring the longevity of their organization, there's literally nothing more important than promoting the products and services they provide, as well as the business name, logo, and brand that represent them. Here's why we think you should order some custom printed shirts. Printed Clothing is Inexpensive Advertizing Billboards, [...]

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The Inaugural Post of the Rocket Science Blog

Ah, inaugural posts. Always so sparse; always so brief. But every journey begins with but a single step, and every informational resource begins with a single contribution. Thanks for checking out the Rocket Science Blog. Just to introduce ourselves, we're a small screen printing and graphic design house located in Winnipeg, MB ! Want more info on [...]

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