green plastisol screen print

Whenever we humans create/manufacture something, the sound-minded of us wish to do so with as few environmental/health impacts as possible.

At Rocket Science sometimes the use of synthetic materials is unavoidable. However, whenever possible, we prefer to print on-and encourage the use of-100% cotton t shirts,  sweat shirts, and other garments.

We’re also pleased to know that the inks we use for printing (although we can’t exactly call them organic) are Phthalate-free.

You can find a full description of what a Phthalate is on Wikipedia, but the short version is that they are plasticizers; IE substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. Part of what makes Phthalates bad is that they can easily leach and evaporate from plastics into food or the atmosphere, causing a variety of ailments with excessive long term exposure.

Even with the new, improved inks on the market, we strive to send as little of these materials down the drain as possible. We re-claim as much unused ink as possible at the end of each print run, and when we clean up, we use soybean-based cleaners.

At Rocket Science, we strive to do no harm, and we’re always open to questions and suggestions regarding the environment impact of the work we do.