Pay by PayPal, Credit Card, E-Transfer, or Cheque!

This processing page allows clients of Rocket Science Designs to pay for products and services they've received. Project details and totals should already be in the hands of the customer before proceeding with payment here. All payments are billed in Canadian dollars.

Pay by PayPal

Paypal is a fast, easy, secure way to pay online. Please be sure to notify me by email when you've paid by PayPal, and I'll get a receipt sent out right away.

Amount to Pay:

(Must include 2 decimal places and no dollar sign etc. eg: 3.00)

Pay by Credit Card

Wave Online PaymentsRocket Science uses a cool credit card payment process whereby once the customer is happy with their estimate, we send out an online invoice. This invoice will include a section similar to the one shown here, where credit card payment can be entered easily and securely.

Pay by Interac E-Transfer

One of the most convenient ways to pay, Interac E-Transfers are sent to any email address from your online banking session. Full details on E-Transfers are available at this link. Please send all transfers to

Pay by Cheque

If online methods are no good for you, Rocket Science also accepts personal cheques made out to Rocket Science Designs, mailed or delivered to 157 Browning Blvd., Winnipeg MB  R3K 0L1.