Just about every screen printing company starts off doing t-shirts, and only t-shirts. They’re the most straight-forward thing to print. But almost every different thing you want to print on requires a different printing supply, or piece of equipment, or technique.

We’ll get into the endless complications of each silkscreen process in another post. For now, let’s look at hats!

Screen printing is done by lowering a screen down onto a substrate, and squeegeeing ink through the openings in the screen onto the fabric. You can picture how this might look for printing on flat fabric like on a t-shirt. But what about something that’s more of an odd shape, like a hat? How can you print on such an irregular surface and expect each color printed to line up with the last?

For this, you need a press accessory to turn a “weird” surface into a flat, printable one. Long story short, we picked up one of these, and now we’re also hat printers!


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